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  • Nov

    Where’s the Tropical vibe ? Giveaway !

    by Charles Darweed
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    New Tropical Giveaway – Contest ! Enter into our official facebook page to participate into category Like&Share – > Tropical Seeds Company

    Download this for participate – Descarga esto para participar

    ADJUNCT FILE /  Archivo Adjunto


    INSTRUCTIONS (english) :

    1.-Download the adjunct FILE contest.

    2.-Find the original seeds.

    3.-Mark them with any editing program. Mark 3 to participate for pack of 3 seeds, mark 5 for participation for pack of 5 seeds and mark 10 to participate for pack of 10 seeds. You can ONLY choose one of the above options.

    4.-Send us the image to the email: INFO@TROPICALSEEDSCOMPANY.COM

    5.-The fastest wins directly his pack. The other winners participate for drawing his pack.

    6.-Click Like and Share this picture to participate for the consolation prize. (+1 Facebook, +1 Twitter, +1 Instagram)


     NEWS FOR PARTICIPANTS : We want to remember all the participants the 3 categories of the contest :
    3seeds5seeds and 10seeds.

    There are 2 prizes in each category :
    – The first prize will go for the fastest participant.
    – The second prize, we’ll do a drawing with everyone participating.

    You can only participate in one category ( 3, 5 or 10 seeds ). It will only be valid one try per person.

    Finally, the Consolation prize has free access, you just have to Like & Share the promotional image.

    Winners will be announced on November 29th.


    INSTRUCCIONES (castellano):

    1.- Descarga el ARCHIVO adjunto del concurso.

    2.-Busca las semillas originales.

    3.-Marcalas con cualquier programa de edición. Marca 3 para participar por el pack de 3 semillas, 5 para participar por el pack de 5 semillas y 10 para participar por el pack de 10 semillas. SÓLO puedes escoger una opción de las anteriores.

    4.-Envíanos la imagen al email: INFO@TROPICALSEEDSCOMPANY.COM

    5.-El más rápido gana directamente su pack. El resto de acertantes participaran por el sorteo de su pack.

    6.-Dale Me gusta y Comparte ésta imagen para participar por el premio de consolación. (+1 Facebook, +1 Twitter, +1 Instagram)



    AVISO PARA PARTICIPANTES : Queremos recordar a todos los participantes las 3 categorias de nuestro concurso :
    3semillas5semillas y 10semillas.

    Hay 2 premios en cada categoria :
    – El primer premio al parcipante más rápido.
    – El segundo premio, nosotros realizaremos un sorteo con los particpantes.

    Tu sólo puedes particpar en una categoria ( 3, 5 o 10 semillas ). Y sólo será válido un intento por persona.

    Por otra parte, el premio de consolación es de libre acceso. Sólo tienes que darle Me gusta y Compartir la imagén promocional.

    Los ganadores serán anunciados el día 29 de Noviembre.



    GOOD LUCK  !   –   ¡ BUENA SUERTE !


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  • Nov

    ReStock Old Congo and Durbakistan

    by Charles Darweed
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    Just for limited time we return to make available two of our most potent strains :




    Strain: Old Congo
    Strain Type: 100% Sativa. Polyhibrid including Congo Pointe Noire and OT Haze
    Type: Regular
    Flowering times: Around 90 days
    Yield: Usually medium.
    Bouquet: Fine and enjoyable smoke with leather, and fruity scents : kiwi and grapes
    Effect: Activity in mind, cerebral buzz, takes you quite high, not for beginners
    Developed by: Oldtimer (UK ), HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )

    Go to the shop

















    Strain: Durbakistan
    Strain Type: F1 Sativa – Indica. 50% Durban – 50% PCK
    Type: Feminized
    Flowering times: 75-80 days
    Yield: Up to high indoors and outdoors with mild climate
    Bouquet: Candy, sugary, sweety with earthy-carroty also
    Effect: Quick uplifting take off effect, potent sativa, gets more calmy within some time
    Developed by: African Herbman ( SA ) , aeritos ( SP )

    Go to the shop
















    Very limited Stock .

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  • Oct

    OFFER: 2×1 in all our products !

    by Charles Darweed
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    We have extended our 2×1 offer in all products to the full Sunday. Take advantage !

    Take advantage of this amazing limited time

    OFFER : 2×1 on ALL products from our online store.

    Just add 2 identical products in your cart and the discount will be made automatically. Enjoy this terrifying Halloween !

    Only during 30th, 31st OCTOBER & 1st, 2nd NOVEMBER.

    Disfruta de esta increíble OFERTA por tiempo limitado : 2×1 en TODOS los productos de nuestra tienda online.
    Simplemente añade 2 productos iguales a tu carrito y el descuento se realizará automáticamente. Disfruta de este terrorifico Halloween !

    Sólo durante el 30, 31 de OCTUBRE y 1, 2 de NOVIEMBRE.

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  • Jul

    Tropical Survival Kit contest Winners

    by Charles Darweed
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    It’s 26th July, and we have our 3 winners. No more wait, they are here:

    Winners Tropical Survival Kit
    Thanks to everyone for participate. Congratulations for the winners. And, don’t worry, very soon you’ll have more chances to win best prizes Tropical Seeds Company.


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  • Jul

    We’ve reached 5000 followers on Facebook

    by Charles Darweed
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    We are very happy because we have reached 5000 followers on Facebook Page. And now…

    The Tropical trip begins ! don’t miss it.

    5000 followers on facebook

    5000 followers on facebook

    5000 followers on facebook

    5000 followers on facebook

    Visit our Facebook page to participate: Tropical Seeds Company

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