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  • Jun

    Sprouting Sativas between June and July

    by Charles
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    While in the southern hemisphere the growers are smoking and harvesting their sativa plants, in the northern hemisphere the best time to sprouting ours begins. But this may well also serve for them by applying to the months of December and January.

    Between June and July is the time of year where we can best optimize the most sativa strains. The first thing to know is that sprouting sooner or later does not affect the time of harvest, as a strain that ends its flowering in October will do so in that month regardless of whether we sprout later or earlier. Therefore, delaying the sprouting moment only influences the size of the plants, which will have a shorter growth process. The flowering process will be the one that corresponds and it will arrive when it has to arrive, once the plant is sexually mature it will begin its flowering.

    Sprouting during these months more discrete plants are obtained, which is a considerable advantage to avoid problems with them. Experienced growers prefer that they be smaller to avoid theft or setbacks with the Police. Another very important reason to plant in this season is the stability of time, the most appropriate temperature and the many hours of sunshine, which make the sativa strains have a much healthier and more vigorous growth than in other times, being a more favorable climate and similar to the one in the tropics, where they come from.

    We must have several aspects to take into account when offering our sativas the best possible conditions. We recommend the use of pots of between 20-40L (5-10 gallons), depending on the strain can reach a minimum of 1m in height at the time of beginning flowering. What can make you avoid problems due to long growths, such as the appearance of pests, accumulation of salts by nutrition, or uncontrolled plants in size, in addition to requiring less work care. The substrate in turn must be of the best quality, due to the short time it will take the plant to develop, it must be spongy and with the necessary nutrients to complete a satisfactory growth without being fertilized, as much provide root stimulator and some preventive for pests. Add also with respect to fertilizers, that sativas prefer organic solid fertilizers, such as manures and other composted ones. A soil rich in life will provide nutrients to the plant as needed without overfertilizing and this will give us the best aromas and flavors in our sativas.

    Something also to take into account with these sativas and since their flowering can extend perfectly until October, November and December, will be the rains and cold that will come. Generally, these sativas show good resistance to rain and fungi, but we must also bear in mind that heavy rains and winds can break the heaviest branches in flowering, so it will be highly advisable to give structural support to the plants in case of be necessary. Without a doubt, temperatures below 15°C will stop the flowering of the plant, we recommend putting strains that can finish just before that time arrives in your area, this will also make the plants have a beautiful color in their flowers and a copious resin production.

    At the time of harvest, there is a special attention to correct drying and subsequent curing. This final part of the process could completely spoil all the work done or on the contrary, turn your flowers into a product of the highest quality that will last longer while maintaining its qualities due to the cooler temperatures of the time that comes before and in which we hope you are already enjoying your sativa flowers.

    We recommend you fast sativas such as Nepal Highland or Ciskei Highland. Others with more energizing effects such as King Congo or Zambian. Or those that will blow your head like Old Congo or Double Zamal, among many others. No matter what type of high you’re looking to have, the quality of your seeds can make it all the better. Browse through our seeds and always feel free to contact us with any questions.

    We would like to help you get your most desired sativas, we want to give you a discount code to use during this June and July. Use the code «SATIVA» to get 10% off in all sativa strains in orders above 30€ or use the code «SATIVALOVER» to get a 20% discount on all sativas strains in orders above 100€. Worldwide shipping + freebies in all orders. Also from now we will offer payments through crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin) take advantage of it and remember that we also have 100% discreet and safe payments through PP and Credit Card, you can ask for them.

    Tropical Seeds Company team

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    The new Old Afghan NLD

    by Charles
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    Hi there fam ! We return and we bet all in with the Old Afghan NLD.

    Three years ago we received about 100 seeds of this line from a reliable UK source who claimed that this line was the same that came to Holland in the 1970s. We had been looking for an open line of pure afghans for a long time, where we could study its wide genetic range. 

    I will not deceive you, even today seems hard to believe, receive the most worked pure line of history, but without being worked, a trully open line from Afghanistan. Most of the seeds were spent in being able to contrast this information and to begin to understand what we had in our hands. Aeritos and Charles realized the first tests of grow, the line didn’t seem anything special; long plants, thin leafs and long internode branches, little buds little bit tight but with enough resin. Wilder aromas with a medium energizing effect ended with comedown. Flowering times around 80 days, even some phenotype that was not able to bloom at indoors. 

    However, during the last test that Charles did and that you can see or have seen at the Tropical Forum. Some very interesting phenotypes appeared; A shorter flowering phenotype that Charles has maintained in cut / mother form and a long phenotype that Charles can’t keep. They inspired us to finish the study. 

    As it was unexpected, Charles didn’t know to react in time. For that reason, 12 days ago Charles began to germinate the last seeds that we have of old afghan. In total 17 seeds and sprout all: 17/17 very quickly and they have shown their vigor from their early days. The purpose is to find the best phenotypes and the best males to perform an open reproduction with the selected females too.

    When we received the line was marked as the original Afghanistan of Sacred Seeds and for the studies that we have been carrying during 3 years, we can find a wide genetic range, you can find phenotypes very similar to those of the Kandahar area and other phenotypes more similar to Mazar-i-Shariff, so our conclusion is that you can find a gene mix from the northern zone of Afghanistan in this line, at the same time some phenotypes with long flowering or less adapted to the indoors could indicate that it would have been hybridized with some sativa, knowing a little the story could be some of the old hybrids of colombian gold x afghanistan or old sativas from afghanistan, but we can not guarantee it 100% because these phenotypes are not commonly shown.

    Old Afghan NLD short pheno, 70-75 flowering days. Intense citric and sweet bouquet of aromas. Powerful narcotic effect.

    With a sativa structure and a narrow leaf, it forms long colas that need to be held during flowering. Within the gene pool can be found mostly two phenotypes that bloom between 70-90 days, some with spruce tree structure and others more columnar. The bouquet is very sweet in the shorter ones with more narcotic effect being more citrus and old hashish in the longer ones with a richer effect providing a more active and witty start, ending relaxed and narcotic.


    Old Afghan NLD long pheno, 80-90 flowering days. Incredible metallic, incense and church bouquet of aromas. Powerful high effect that elevates you and ends up leaving you on the sofa.

    Finally the reproduction of Old Afghan has gone well, well, a small batch will be destined to be given as a freebie and another small one will be destined for sale through the club. Right now you can enjoy the ones that go as a gift in each order, also together with some Ciskei x Old Afghan, and soon the better batch will be available for sale.

    Get now these new freebies in all orders until stock lasts!

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  • Ene

    Top Ranking Best Selling Strains 2015

    by Charles Darweed
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    Top Ranking Best Selling Strains 2015
    1. Ciskei  – [store]
    2. Double Zamal  – [store]
    3. Bisho Purple  – [store]
    4. Senegal  – [store]
    5. Red Afro  – [store]
    6. Smooth Smoke  – [store]
    7. Zambian  – [store]
    8. Old Congo  – [store]
    9. Durbakistan  – [store]

    Many thanks to everyone who stay close to Tropical Seeds Co, without you this wouldn’t be possible. One year more, Happy New Year family !

    Muchísimas gracias a todos los que permanecéis cerca de Tropical Seeds Co, sin vosotros esto no sería posible. Un añito más, Feliz Año Nuevo familia !

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  • Nov

    CISKEI, the Pleasant Sativa

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    Ciskei was one of the 10 bantustans -independent regions in South African territory-, declared independent from 1981 to 1994. Together with Transkei, it was one of the Xhosa language homelands during the years of politic apartheid in South Africa.

    Some very special sativas were grown there in small plots of familiar use in the Drakensberg mountain range, in an altitude around 1500-2000 meters ( 4900-6500 feet ).

    Herbaria, a Swiss based seed company were the first importing this seeds and making lots of effort working widely this line and some more pure genetics and hybrids.  Sadly they ended up their activity in the late 90’s mainly because of the laws changing and becoming more strict in the cannabis scene.

    Bushman – Ciskei also proofed it’s potential in hybrids such as Cloud7, a well known strain with this short South African on it. We could notice the great work of selection done by this bank when we first grow them : there where non hermaphrodite plants and they were quite easy to be grown compared to some other sativas we were running at the moment.

    When first having these seeds on our hands we were so excited and couldn’t believe the chance we were having. Those 40 seeds we had were more than 10 years old. The surprise came when we tried to germinate them. We used gyberelic acid trying to be successful and, luckily again…we had a dozen healthy roots showing. From the first beginning we noticed an excellent vigour in those little plants.

    We continued the adventure with this batch. Plants were sturdy, robust, compact for a sativa. We got a higher female ratio and, still, it was difficult to choose the best male, they were all quite interesting : strong, incredibly productive and smelling so strong.

    The structure in this line is quite symmetrical, with scarce sexual difference, male and female plants looking very similar in shape and size. Side branches can developed widely outdoors increasing the yield, topping is a very useful technique both for indoor and outdoors in this strain. The final size is usually acceptable for any kind of growing spot.

    We’ve been working the line, inbreeding up to five generations. After the first inbreeding step in which we couldn’t use as many male and female plants as we wanted ( because of the limited first stock we had access to ), we decided to follow the line as opened as possible because of the great potential it does posses.

    It is also true we’ve been playing lately with Ciskei in order to make  good selections and trying to find a way into the quickest and more compact – short expressions inside this great sativa, always continuing the exotic spicy and acid scents and the sociable and funny sativa effect on it.

    So, it’s got it’s past, her history, all her potential…all the work and effort spent on her. This line is special and it is one of the last True Highland Sativas around. This is a good reason to catch the attention of many and, sure, it is worth the try. Enjoy one of the best sativas around, the spicy, green acid apple smoke in your mouth with some fruity in the back that will make you finish the jars and Ciskei flowers just to quick ( you’re warned ! ).

    It is for sure one of our favourites, one we won’t stop working and spending as many time of ours as possible. We invite everyone to fall into the Ciskei fever and find the easy to grow and pleasant sativa you’ve been looking for that long …you’ll end up being a member of the Ciskei fan club all over the world !

    Strain Lineage

    Crossbreeds and hybrids with «Ciskei»



    Remember, Ciskei, our favourite ibl sativa and also yours very soon.

    5 seeds starting at 25 €,  10 regular best quality seeds at only 45 €. Don´t miss it !

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    Smooth Smoke, our favourite Purple Indica

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    Who doesn’t like quick, compact and incredibly covered in resin plants ? Isn’t it delightful to relax after work with a fatty of a delicious indica ? What about their medicinal value, don´t you have some jars filled with indicas labelled as · medicine ·?

    These are some of the ideas we had in mind when preparing ourselves to work in our first indica line. During our first years we worked basically long sativas, so it was time to also give a chance to their shorter and faster sisters.

    The base line was clear, it had to be Pakistan Chitral Kush, genetic coming from the master hands of the CBG crew. What defines this line ? Ok, here you have it in a summarized way :
    Pakistan Chitral Kush
    * 100 % pure Pakistani genetic.
    * Slow growing speed but forming extremely compact shape, size and bud formation.
    * Great mold resistant
    * Flowers and leafs taking intense purple coloration in flower time
    * Aromas varying between fruity, grape, red fruits….and some more mossy, humid forest, sour- earthy and hash.
    * Fast finishing, around 55-60 days.

    After an intense selection we found the perfect Pakistan mother that will make us continue the project. It was a short, compact, fast and intense purple lady. It proofed to be mold resistant and with no hermi tendencies in very different situations and under various types of stress. The perfect candidate.

    But still we had to add something to this PCK : we wanted a quicker growth, a more vigorous and productive strain…and also insisting in the more fruity scented plants, a truly nice flavoured strain to enjoy every puff taken.

    Which strain would help us here ? We had it clear, very clear. Nepalese Highland was going to help us solving the little lacks or things we wanted to improve from PCK.
    Nepalese Highland
    Nepalese Highland is a strain that has passed by great guys in the canna scene such as Reeferman and CBG. We also did our work with her  during three inbreeding steps and then found and incredibly vigorous, strong structured and heavily charged in flowers male.

    Then we tried the PCK / Nepalese F1 and knew we were in the right way :

    * The hybrid grew quicker in veg time, still very compact, plants were easier to clone.
    * Purple  plants continued to be majority.
    * Scents in flower time were improved also adding the soft-creamy coming from Nepalese influence, making some fruity and vanilla cream to appear and make everyone to water their mouth just by smelling the plants or buds.
    * Yield and potency were crearly improved.
    * Some took a bit longer in flower time : Up to 65 days.

    As said, we felt Nepalese had made the hybrid to shine in a more positive way, adding just what PCK needed to be a more vigorous and rewarding strains. But we also needed to do a more indica and fast leaning strain. We decided to backcross with PCK the best female coming from our F1 selection and Smooth Smoke then was created.

    Smooth Smoke

    What to expect from Smooth Smoke ?

    * + 85 % coloured plants : varying from light pink to intense and dark purple ( sometimes almost black when dried ) , both indoors and outdoors ( no cold temperatures are needed, they will always appear )
    * A maximum quality, fast compact and quick indica ( 55-60 days ), at a very interesting price, starting at 18€ for 3 feminized seeds.

    *  Two major phenotypes :

    A – Compact but splitting more branches. Soft pink and purple colours in buds. Scents have an incredible creamy and vanilla base together with fruity and sweets. Our favourite.
    B – Incredible intense purple buds covered in resin. Extremely compact and strong structured plants. Aromas from liquorice, sour-earthy, light fruity and hash background.
    * The effect in A is a bit more clear, Nepalese influence is more noticeable, we enter in an indica relaxing & happy scene. In the B case we find the most medicinal and intense indica pain relief – relaxing effect, perfect medicine to be tried.

    We´re quite happy with the results coming from Smooth Smoke, it was our first feminized strain and we´re happy every step was successful. The strain name had to make clear we LOVE the smoke coming from this lady. It is very enjoyable, a big pleasure to arrive home and know we still have some flowers from SS in the jars, vanilla, candy and kush in the mix, you´ll also love it !

    This is why we recommend this strain in so many different cases. It has been tried so widely all around the globe with excellent results during these last years we´re sure to say you´ll get excellent results when trying her.

    Where does Smooth Smoke will result successful :

    * In every indoor, no matter you grow with small bulbs, space… or you´re a beginner. SS will finally surprise you.
    * In SOG –  one bud plants grows. Select your favourite girl from the pack and then get the maximum yield in a SOG grow, you’ll love this and have medicine for months.
    * Outdoors in northern cold and humid climates : SS will grow nicely and will resist most pest and diseases, specially strong with mold and low temperatures. She will finish quick so it can be grown in quite high latitudes with incredible results.
    * Of course you can always grow her in mild, hot or tropical climates, you´ll have rewarding and coloured plants even with no cold temperatures, something new you maybe haven’t had the chance to see and try yet !

    Remember, Smooth Smoke, our favourite purple indica and also yours very soon.

    3 seeds starting at 18 €,  10 feminized best quality seeds at only 50 €. Don´t miss it !

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