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    20% Off in all our Feminized Seeds

    by Charles Darweed
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    Do not miss this great opportunity to get your seeds before the season starts. 20% discount on all our feminized seeds and a 25% discount if you are a VIP member.

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    The 3 Queens – Limited Edition

    by Charles Darweed
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    We know you’ve been waiting this for long, but it’s almost here. Know more about The 3 Queens in Limited Edition.

    SMOOTH SMOKE v2 – Regular

    Strain: Smooth Smoke
    Strain Type: Indica/ Sativa
    Type: Regular
    Hybrid: 50% PCK – 50% Nepal Higland
    Flowering times: 55-65 days
    Yield: Up To High, compact flowers.
    Bouquet: Sweet, candy, creamy, hash background
    Effect: Great medical value, indica leaning
    Developed by: HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )

    Description: Limited edition of our best seller “Smooth Smoke ”, now in regular format for all those who have been waiting for this moment to come.
    Special hybrid coming true thanks to the best side from both purple PCK ’06 cut and Nepalese Highland resinous, powerful and odorous males. Great step to explore into these two lines…






    KING CONGO v4 – Feminized

    Strain: King Congo V4
    Strain Type: 100% Sativa
    Type: Feminized
    Hybrid: Congo Pointe Noire x Ciskei Highland BC 4
    Flowering times: 60-70 days
    Yield: Medium-High
    Bouquet: Citric – orangy, fine woods
    Effect: Mind clarifier, active and energizing
    Developed by: HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )

    Description: Limited edition of this classic African based hybrid, now at last in it’s feminized version. Just the best from this combination between a long flowering sativa, Congo PN and a second one, a compact Highland Ciskei. After a few backcrosses with some quick and compact Ciskei males, we’ve shortened it’s height and flowering days making it an excellent option for indoors and many outdoors…





    HAZEY HIGH – Regular

    Strain: Hazey High
    Strain Type: 100% Sativa
    Type: Regular
    Hybrid: Ciskei Highland x OT Haze
    Flowering times: 10-13 Weeks
    Yield: Medium
    Bouquet: Fresh and floral, spicy
    Effect: Cerebral, starts mind activity and creativity
    Developed by: Oldtimer (UK ), HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )

    Description: Limited edition specially though for best quality and potent tropical sativa lovers.
    We used our best Ciskei P3 female, potent, with an acid green apple scent on it…with an impressive OT Haze male which has proven to give an excellent offspring, just like in the Old Congo strain many have had the chance to try and enjoy….





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