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    New Arrivals – Bisho P. and New Limited Editions!

    by Charles
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    Bisho P. F1 has gradually become one of the flagship of the house and one of the strains most cultivated by tropical growers that is why we have been tuning this incredible hybrid for several years and finally… We are honored to announce the restocking of our Bisho P. being one of our best selling hybrid in our history. So far we have always used several different Ciskei mothers for it, but after several years studying how they genetically interact with our well-known Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006, we have selected the mother that offers the best results and who is less influenced by the pakistan genetic, resulting predominantly Ciskeis plants. Turning our Bisho into a clear feminized version of our favorite South African sativa.

    The mother Ciskei used belongs to the 3rd generation of this line and was selected by Charles during 2015, where this was one of the best generations of our famous Ciskei line. Her strong vigor and the good ratio leaf / chalices that she posses, in addition to that characteristic aroma of acid green apple with sweet touches and pepper make it one of our favorites. The effect is creative and meditative, with an introspective aspect, being very useful for artistic or contemplative tasks. It is recommended to be careful with the pH stability of the soil to get the best of this selection, which in 65-70 days delights us with great productions.

    It’s our bet where we can find less influence for our PCK’2006, our Indica with an intense purple color and very fast in flowering. Hybridization provides speed with strong structures, perfect to support greater yields, sweeter aromas and greater amount of cannabinoids/ terpenoids. The result will not leave anyone indifferent, finding incredible aromas mixing acid and sweet, many of them fruit bouquet of pineapple and green apple. It is a good option to optimize a SOG system with smaller plants and large central colas, but also through pruning and greater work on its structure can be obtained very productive large plants. Predominantly green color phenotypes and some with pink tones make it the best bet for those growers who can not grow our Ciskei in a regular version and in this feminized version they will find those qualities they are looking for.

    After these years of work where it has already proven to be one of the favorite hybrids of growers around the world, we are sure that this new version that we love, you may like it much more. We have been able to refine its qualities and offer a final hybrid with the characteristics that we liked most about the union of these two incredible landrace lines.

    Strain: Bisho P. f1
    Strain Type: 50% Ciskei, SouthAfrica – 50 % Pakistan Chitral Kush
    Hybrid: Ciskei P3 Charles cut x Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 cut
    Type: Feminized seeds
    Flowering times: 58-62 days, end September.
    Yield: Medium to high
    Bouquet: Pineapple, green apple, fruity… with a pine/forest final taste
    Effect: Creative, introspective & meditative
    Developed by: aeritos ( SP ) & Charles ( SP )

    Strain Lineage

    • Bisho P. » Ciskei P3 Charles cut  x Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 cut F1

    New Limited Editions & Freebies!
    In these times that many growers are demanding us new fresh hybrids. We have taken advantage of our latest reproductions to try new selections that we have been making in recent years but have never used before trying to satisfy an increasingly growing demand for new hybrids with more powerful effects and flavors. With this new hybrids that we are developing we want to satisfy those demanding palates who seek the most exotic and tasty flavors and those smokers who seek more intense effects. We will be giving away many of them to be tested with all the orders and the best ones, very soon you will be able to find them in our store.



    Tropical Seeds Company team

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    10 years Anniversary Tropical Seeds Company !

    by Charles
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    Winner 9th contest Like&Share week 3/6 to 3/13

    by Charles Darweed
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    Congratulations !! You have won a pack of 5 regular seeds of Heaven’s Gate.

    Stay tuned for next contest in our Facebook oficial page every Friday.

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    Spannabis 2015 @Tropical Seeds Company BOOTH #199

    by Charles Darweed
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    One more year the family of Tropical Seeds Company will be at Spannabis 2015 @Barcelona, the biggest fair of cannabis in Europe. It will take place on 20th, 21st and 22nd March. Visit us at BOOTH #199. We will have an special offers and the SUPER contest with a lot of gifts !

    See you there ! at Booth #199 with our friends Underground Seeds Co. and Brothers Inc.

    Location :
    Fira de Cornellá, Barcelona (España)


    Un año más la familia de Tropical Seeds Company estará en Spannabis 2015 @Barcelona, la feria más grande de Cannabis en Europa. Esta tendrá lugar los días 20, 21 y 22 de Marzo. Visítanos en el Stand nº199. Tendremos ofertas especiales y un SÚPER concurso con muuuchos regalos !

    Nos vemos allí ! en el Stand nº199 con nuestros amigos de Underground Seeds Co. y Brothers Inc.

    Fira de Cornellá, Barcelona (España)

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    Interview Brothers Inc : New Collaborators of Medical Project

    by Charles Darweed
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     Visita este enlace para leer la entrevista en castellano.

    Maybe it was a bit of fortune what make us find our buddies of Brothers INC, like many other things in this life. After a first glimpse, we decided to take a closer look on their works and offers and send some kudos for their philosophy.
    Now, today, we are coming with an initial interview with the aim of spreading the word on these guys who are working fine and caught our attention. We will be betting for them and you can find their strains directly trough our WEB.

    *TTSCO : Hi there, friends at Brothers INC: We are glad we came across you and you gave the yes for making this interview possible. We would like to start asking about how and when did Brothers INC started and who are the people behind this project.

    * Brothers INC : Brothers INC is born with the enthusiasm of two friends. We’ve being growing and doing our own seeds for several years in which we also shared these seeds with friends in forums, cannabis cups and events. It was before having a good acceptance by the friends and growers that tried our crosses that we went into a more in depth work continuing the strains we had started. Brothers INC as a project is close to arrive into it’s first year of activity.

    *TTSCO : When talking about seed banks, we can say there’s a huge offer nowadays. Spain is a clear example of this. What do you guys want to offer in addition to the growers ? What would you say is the type of grower that would enjoy your seeds ?

    * Brothers INC : There’s a wide range of different offers than can fit well in the general public and all the growers, no distinction here. This said, it is true to mention we’ve decided to give a medical point to many of our strains that can contain a high CBD content. So, we can recommend the Brothers for every grower but some may suit better the sybarite growers, Dark Dance as an example.

    *TTSCO : One of the main rock of your catalogue is, no doubt, “ Dancehall Mapetit ” What can you tell us about her and what would you say it adds or improve in the hybrids in which it participates.

    * Brothers INC : Sure thing, our “ mapetit “, selection from a Dance Hall female, is one of our better bets in our hybrids. Her 1:1 THC/CBD ratio together with its incredible effect, yield and smoke makes it perfect to be a base of our breeding. To add up, it has already gain some prizes in the Spanish circles.

    * TTSCO : We can also spot some yankee blood in the Brothers INC offers. They are hitting strong in the actual cannabis scene. Do you work with renamed clones with strong characteristics ?

    * Brothers INC : Yes, that’s correct. We can find Clement Rodier OG in our catalogue. This hybrid has an OG Kush base, using a true and original OG Kush clone from the USA. Clement remains all the OGKush traits with the particular Brothers INC touch.

    *TTSCO : Delicate Dark, we’d like that one not to be a “hidden” one inside your catalogue. We feel this has to give some excellent and unique flavours and smokes. What other strains would you recommend for those in the search of an excellent experience when smoking ?

    * Brothers INC : Couldn’t agree more, Delicate Dark is one of the best candidates for the best smoke. Many are finding it very surprising and say it’s an special old school one to enjoy. If trying to find an unique flavour we would also like to mention Dandy Dance and Koikiri Forest, both also giving some nice yields and smokes you’ll like and become fan of.

    Delicate Dark

    * TTSCO : In the days we live in, no seed bank offering regular seed stocks remains unnoticed. Brothers INC has got them. Do you think they can still have a place in the actual market and in the future ? Will you continue to work them ?

    * Brothers INC : Regular stocks are important for us, they’re the base as to create any other work. We feel like a sad thing finding less and less new Banks that wont include them. They continue to have their true believers and many agree that are the best as to start a selection process. This are some of the reasons why you’ll be able to see Brothers regular stocks in the future.

    * TTSCO : Think we wont go wrong is saying “La Cuarta Especie” is a must for those in the search of a medicinal strain. Can we find a 1:1 CBD-THC plant in the lot, or even a higher CBD to THC ratio ?

    * Brothers INC : No doubt “ La Cuarta Especie “ in THE choice for those looking for something that can help them in the medical side. Parentals used in this strain contained a high CBD ratio and in the making we focused on those closer to the 1:1 ratio. We followed the test done in the plants as to be sure to use the best ones. This can continue to be seen easily in the offspring so, yes, the 1:1 ratio and the higher CBD to THC can easily be found in this strain.

    La Cuarta Especie

    * TTSCO : Turn for a recommendation coming directly from Brothers itself. Which is your favorite for the outdoor grower… the resistant one always giving some good flowers to smoke. Same goes for the indoor side.

    * Brothers INC : We have to go with “Jamnesia“, a truly rewarding and easy to grow strain outdoors. She does fine with cropping and its a good mold and pest resistant one.
    A bit harder when choosing only one for indoors. We’ll go with Dandy Dance. Great yielder, excellent aromas and flavours, we have to say it is our favorite. We also love the energyzing effect at first that continues in a more relaxing and sedating effect for the mind and body as the time passes and the high expands.

    * TTSCO : What are your future plans ? Will we see some new things from Brothers in 2k15 ?

    * Brothers INC : We’ve never stopped since we first started and we have our minds and hands busy with plans. Its part of us the entire dedication, day b day, to work and continue trying new lines we can work in the future. So yes, we hope to bring some new things in some time.

    *TTSCO : We wanted to thank the Brothers INC crew for their time and accepting to this interview. We wish them big success in this canna world

    Don’t miss their offers and stay tuned to our FB as the next contest will be having a special prize original Brothers INC seeds !

    * Brothers INC : Thanks to you guys at Tropical Seeds Company for the interview. All the best. Brothers INC


    Visit the TropicalSeedsCo’s Official Facebook and participate in our contest to win an original pack of Brothers Inc. seeds. 

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