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  • Sep

    Return of Durban Poison

    by Charles Darweed
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    We were looking forward to bringing you this news, the second generation of our Durban Poison’70s is finally ready. One of the strains that marked a before and after in us, our return to the origins and to offer all the landraces that we have available so that they are available for professionals now and in the future.

    Durban Poison’70s is a sativa strain from South Africa and one of the rarest pure strains in the world. It’s well known for being the strain used by the warriors of the Zulu tribes and appear in great amount of current best hybrids. It has remained unchanged since the 70’s by a small group of South African local growers until we received it a decade ago. Since then, it has been used in hybrids like Durbakistan (Durban x Pakistan) or Durban Punch (Durban x Ciskei) but had never been marketed in pure form. We are currently working to offer this strain in the near future. But as we know the long waits are hard, for that reason we would like to share with you the first steps of our work where we have already found the qualities that have made it famous worldwide !

    In this second generation, the work was very clear, to continue studying how works genetics, to clean up any errors that could arise from hermaphroditism and to make an open reproduction with the best specimens. And from now on this work will be available openly and through our Club for VIP members only. The quantity is limited, approximately there will be a total of 500 seeds available, so do not miss this unique opportunity to get one of the most exclusive strains in the world.

    Thank you a lot for all your support and remember we offer 100% discreet and safe shipments and payments. Ask us for more info if you have any doubt!

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  • Ago

    New Arrivals – Bisho P. and New Limited Editions!

    by Charles
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    Bisho P. F1 has gradually become one of the flagship of the house and one of the strains most cultivated by tropical growers that is why we have been tuning this incredible hybrid for several years and finally… We are honored to announce the restocking of our Bisho P. being one of our best selling hybrid in our history. So far we have always used several different Ciskei mothers for it, but after several years studying how they genetically interact with our well-known Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006, we have selected the mother that offers the best results and who is less influenced by the pakistan genetic, resulting predominantly Ciskeis plants. Turning our Bisho into a clear feminized version of our favorite South African sativa.

    The mother Ciskei used belongs to the 3rd generation of this line and was selected by Charles during 2015, where this was one of the best generations of our famous Ciskei line. Her strong vigor and the good ratio leaf / chalices that she posses, in addition to that characteristic aroma of acid green apple with sweet touches and pepper make it one of our favorites. The effect is creative and meditative, with an introspective aspect, being very useful for artistic or contemplative tasks. It is recommended to be careful with the pH stability of the soil to get the best of this selection, which in 65-70 days delights us with great productions.

    It’s our bet where we can find less influence for our PCK’2006, our Indica with an intense purple color and very fast in flowering. Hybridization provides speed with strong structures, perfect to support greater yields, sweeter aromas and greater amount of cannabinoids/ terpenoids. The result will not leave anyone indifferent, finding incredible aromas mixing acid and sweet, many of them fruit bouquet of pineapple and green apple. It is a good option to optimize a SOG system with smaller plants and large central colas, but also through pruning and greater work on its structure can be obtained very productive large plants. Predominantly green color phenotypes and some with pink tones make it the best bet for those growers who can not grow our Ciskei in a regular version and in this feminized version they will find those qualities they are looking for.

    After these years of work where it has already proven to be one of the favorite hybrids of growers around the world, we are sure that this new version that we love, you may like it much more. We have been able to refine its qualities and offer a final hybrid with the characteristics that we liked most about the union of these two incredible landrace lines.

    Strain: Bisho P. f1
    Strain Type: 50% Ciskei, SouthAfrica – 50 % Pakistan Chitral Kush
    Hybrid: Ciskei P3 Charles cut x Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 cut
    Type: Feminized seeds
    Flowering times: 58-62 days, end September.
    Yield: Medium to high
    Bouquet: Pineapple, green apple, fruity… with a pine/forest final taste
    Effect: Creative, introspective & meditative
    Developed by: aeritos ( SP ) & Charles ( SP )

    Strain Lineage

    • Bisho P. » Ciskei P3 Charles cut  x Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 cut F1

    New Limited Editions & Freebies!
    In these times that many growers are demanding us new fresh hybrids. We have taken advantage of our latest reproductions to try new selections that we have been making in recent years but have never used before trying to satisfy an increasingly growing demand for new hybrids with more powerful effects and flavors. With this new hybrids that we are developing we want to satisfy those demanding palates who seek the most exotic and tasty flavors and those smokers who seek more intense effects. We will be giving away many of them to be tested with all the orders and the best ones, very soon you will be able to find them in our store.



    Tropical Seeds Company team

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  • Nov

    CISKEI, the Pleasant Sativa

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    Ciskei was one of the 10 bantustans -independent regions in South African territory-, declared independent from 1981 to 1994. Together with Transkei, it was one of the Xhosa language homelands during the years of politic apartheid in South Africa.

    Some very special sativas were grown there in small plots of familiar use in the Drakensberg mountain range, in an altitude around 1500-2000 meters ( 4900-6500 feet ).

    Herbaria, a Swiss based seed company were the first importing this seeds and making lots of effort working widely this line and some more pure genetics and hybrids.  Sadly they ended up their activity in the late 90’s mainly because of the laws changing and becoming more strict in the cannabis scene.

    Bushman – Ciskei also proofed it’s potential in hybrids such as Cloud7, a well known strain with this short South African on it. We could notice the great work of selection done by this bank when we first grow them : there where non hermaphrodite plants and they were quite easy to be grown compared to some other sativas we were running at the moment.

    When first having these seeds on our hands we were so excited and couldn’t believe the chance we were having. Those 40 seeds we had were more than 10 years old. The surprise came when we tried to germinate them. We used gyberelic acid trying to be successful and, luckily again…we had a dozen healthy roots showing. From the first beginning we noticed an excellent vigour in those little plants.

    We continued the adventure with this batch. Plants were sturdy, robust, compact for a sativa. We got a higher female ratio and, still, it was difficult to choose the best male, they were all quite interesting : strong, incredibly productive and smelling so strong.

    The structure in this line is quite symmetrical, with scarce sexual difference, male and female plants looking very similar in shape and size. Side branches can developed widely outdoors increasing the yield, topping is a very useful technique both for indoor and outdoors in this strain. The final size is usually acceptable for any kind of growing spot.

    We’ve been working the line, inbreeding up to five generations. After the first inbreeding step in which we couldn’t use as many male and female plants as we wanted ( because of the limited first stock we had access to ), we decided to follow the line as opened as possible because of the great potential it does posses.

    It is also true we’ve been playing lately with Ciskei in order to make  good selections and trying to find a way into the quickest and more compact – short expressions inside this great sativa, always continuing the exotic spicy and acid scents and the sociable and funny sativa effect on it.

    So, it’s got it’s past, her history, all her potential…all the work and effort spent on her. This line is special and it is one of the last True Highland Sativas around. This is a good reason to catch the attention of many and, sure, it is worth the try. Enjoy one of the best sativas around, the spicy, green acid apple smoke in your mouth with some fruity in the back that will make you finish the jars and Ciskei flowers just to quick ( you’re warned ! ).

    It is for sure one of our favourites, one we won’t stop working and spending as many time of ours as possible. We invite everyone to fall into the Ciskei fever and find the easy to grow and pleasant sativa you’ve been looking for that long …you’ll end up being a member of the Ciskei fan club all over the world !

    Strain Lineage

    Crossbreeds and hybrids with «Ciskei»



    Remember, Ciskei, our favourite ibl sativa and also yours very soon.

    5 seeds starting at 25 €,  10 regular best quality seeds at only 45 €. Don´t miss it !

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