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  • May

    Welcome to the NEW WEB of Tropical Seeds Company

    by Charles Darweed
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    Tropical Seeds Company is happy and proud to announce the opening of our new web site. We´ve worked hard to create a new space where we can show all the work we´ve been doing these last years.

    From now on you´ll be able to take a look to our Strains section, with a good number of different and interesting strains.

    You will have the possibility of acquiring them easily worlwide trough our shop!

    Don’t forget also to dive into our Blog – News area where we’ll keep you informed on every Project we are developing, strain reviews, new strains and limited editions that will be coming up and lots more.

    Please allow us to spend a little bit of your time to help us to improve:

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    And, don’t miss anything and stay tunned and close to us!

    Thank you for supporting us on this new way!


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