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  • Nov

    Benefits of Sativas

    by Charles Darweed
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    Sativas are tall, thin plants, with much narrower leaves and grow a lighter green in color. They grow very quickly and can reach heights of 8 – 20 feets in a single season. They originally come from the Tropical Area around the world. Once flowering has begun, they can take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature. Flavors range from earthy to sweet and fruity. The high of a Sativa is cerebral, up and energetic.

    This type of high is the one most associated with hilarious fits of laughter, long discussions about anything, enhanced audio and visual senses. Therefore, smoking a pure Sativa or mostly Sativa hybrid will make you feel great ! Energetic and social and ready for fun !

    So what are the sativas’ medical benefits? Sativas can help with psychological problems, including depression, as well as aid in encouraging activity. Sativas are better suited as a stimulating medicine, though they have been known to relieve some kinds of pain, including migraines. The uplifting effects of sativas mean that they make a good medicine to take in the mornings or during the day.

    Effects of Sativa (high THC, low CBN/CBD):
    • More stimulating and uplifting
    • Energizing and thought provoking
    • Increases focus and creativity
    • Best for use in daytime
    • Positive, uplifting, cerebral effect

    Benefits of Sativa (high THC, low CBN/CBD):

    • Reduces nausea
    • Stimulates the appetite
    • Fights depression
    • Supports immune system
    • Energizes and stimulates
    • Relieves headaches and migraines
    • Acts as an expectorant
    • Brakes the growth of cancerous tumors
    • Prevention of Alzheimer’s
    • Relieve Menstrual Cramps
    • Anti-anxiety

    However, sativa users need to consider if they’re really the best option for evening and nighttime use, because the cerebral effects – somewhat analogous to caffeine – can keep the user awake. Certainly the purer varieties of sativa will do this, so if a sativa user is having trouble sleeping, then it’s time to consider a more balanced sativa/indica hybrid as their medicine – or possibly even switching to indica use in the evening. This may also help reduce the amount of tolerance that the body develops toward the medicine, which is something that all medical users have to contend with – there are times when interrupting one’s regular use and then restarting it later helps to combat tolerance-related problems.



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    Ciskei, the Pleasant Sativa

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  • Nov

    CISKEI, the Pleasant Sativa

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    Ciskei was one of the 10 bantustans -independent regions in South African territory-, declared independent from 1981 to 1994. Together with Transkei, it was one of the Xhosa language homelands during the years of politic apartheid in South Africa.

    Some very special sativas were grown there in small plots of familiar use in the Drakensberg mountain range, in an altitude around 1500-2000 meters ( 4900-6500 feet ).

    Herbaria, a Swiss based seed company were the first importing this seeds and making lots of effort working widely this line and some more pure genetics and hybrids.  Sadly they ended up their activity in the late 90’s mainly because of the laws changing and becoming more strict in the cannabis scene.

    Bushman – Ciskei also proofed it’s potential in hybrids such as Cloud7, a well known strain with this short South African on it. We could notice the great work of selection done by this bank when we first grow them : there where non hermaphrodite plants and they were quite easy to be grown compared to some other sativas we were running at the moment.

    When first having these seeds on our hands we were so excited and couldn’t believe the chance we were having. Those 40 seeds we had were more than 10 years old. The surprise came when we tried to germinate them. We used gyberelic acid trying to be successful and, luckily again…we had a dozen healthy roots showing. From the first beginning we noticed an excellent vigour in those little plants.

    We continued the adventure with this batch. Plants were sturdy, robust, compact for a sativa. We got a higher female ratio and, still, it was difficult to choose the best male, they were all quite interesting : strong, incredibly productive and smelling so strong.

    The structure in this line is quite symmetrical, with scarce sexual difference, male and female plants looking very similar in shape and size. Side branches can developed widely outdoors increasing the yield, topping is a very useful technique both for indoor and outdoors in this strain. The final size is usually acceptable for any kind of growing spot.

    We’ve been working the line, inbreeding up to five generations. After the first inbreeding step in which we couldn’t use as many male and female plants as we wanted ( because of the limited first stock we had access to ), we decided to follow the line as opened as possible because of the great potential it does posses.

    It is also true we’ve been playing lately with Ciskei in order to make  good selections and trying to find a way into the quickest and more compact – short expressions inside this great sativa, always continuing the exotic spicy and acid scents and the sociable and funny sativa effect on it.

    So, it’s got it’s past, her history, all her potential…all the work and effort spent on her. This line is special and it is one of the last True Highland Sativas around. This is a good reason to catch the attention of many and, sure, it is worth the try. Enjoy one of the best sativas around, the spicy, green acid apple smoke in your mouth with some fruity in the back that will make you finish the jars and Ciskei flowers just to quick ( you’re warned ! ).

    It is for sure one of our favourites, one we won’t stop working and spending as many time of ours as possible. We invite everyone to fall into the Ciskei fever and find the easy to grow and pleasant sativa you’ve been looking for that long …you’ll end up being a member of the Ciskei fan club all over the world !

    Strain Lineage

    Crossbreeds and hybrids with «Ciskei»



    Remember, Ciskei, our favourite ibl sativa and also yours very soon.

    5 seeds starting at 25 €,  10 regular best quality seeds at only 45 €. Don´t miss it !

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  • Nov

    Where’s the Tropical vibe ? Giveaway !

    by Charles Darweed
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    New Tropical Giveaway – Contest ! Enter into our official facebook page to participate into category Like&Share – > Tropical Seeds Company

    Download this for participate – Descarga esto para participar

    ADJUNCT FILE /  Archivo Adjunto


    INSTRUCTIONS (english) :

    1.-Download the adjunct FILE contest.

    2.-Find the original seeds.

    3.-Mark them with any editing program. Mark 3 to participate for pack of 3 seeds, mark 5 for participation for pack of 5 seeds and mark 10 to participate for pack of 10 seeds. You can ONLY choose one of the above options.

    4.-Send us the image to the email: INFO@TROPICALSEEDSCOMPANY.COM

    5.-The fastest wins directly his pack. The other winners participate for drawing his pack.

    6.-Click Like and Share this picture to participate for the consolation prize. (+1 Facebook, +1 Twitter, +1 Instagram)


     NEWS FOR PARTICIPANTS : We want to remember all the participants the 3 categories of the contest :
    3seeds5seeds and 10seeds.

    There are 2 prizes in each category :
    – The first prize will go for the fastest participant.
    – The second prize, we’ll do a drawing with everyone participating.

    You can only participate in one category ( 3, 5 or 10 seeds ). It will only be valid one try per person.

    Finally, the Consolation prize has free access, you just have to Like & Share the promotional image.

    Winners will be announced on November 29th.


    INSTRUCCIONES (castellano):

    1.- Descarga el ARCHIVO adjunto del concurso.

    2.-Busca las semillas originales.

    3.-Marcalas con cualquier programa de edición. Marca 3 para participar por el pack de 3 semillas, 5 para participar por el pack de 5 semillas y 10 para participar por el pack de 10 semillas. SÓLO puedes escoger una opción de las anteriores.

    4.-Envíanos la imagen al email: INFO@TROPICALSEEDSCOMPANY.COM

    5.-El más rápido gana directamente su pack. El resto de acertantes participaran por el sorteo de su pack.

    6.-Dale Me gusta y Comparte ésta imagen para participar por el premio de consolación. (+1 Facebook, +1 Twitter, +1 Instagram)



    AVISO PARA PARTICIPANTES : Queremos recordar a todos los participantes las 3 categorias de nuestro concurso :
    3semillas5semillas y 10semillas.

    Hay 2 premios en cada categoria :
    – El primer premio al parcipante más rápido.
    – El segundo premio, nosotros realizaremos un sorteo con los particpantes.

    Tu sólo puedes particpar en una categoria ( 3, 5 o 10 semillas ). Y sólo será válido un intento por persona.

    Por otra parte, el premio de consolación es de libre acceso. Sólo tienes que darle Me gusta y Compartir la imagén promocional.

    Los ganadores serán anunciados el día 29 de Noviembre.



    GOOD LUCK  !   –   ¡ BUENA SUERTE !


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  • Nov

    ReStock Old Congo and Durbakistan

    by Charles Darweed
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    Just for limited time we return to make available two of our most potent strains :




    Strain: Old Congo
    Strain Type: 100% Sativa. Polyhibrid including Congo Pointe Noire and OT Haze
    Type: Regular
    Flowering times: Around 90 days
    Yield: Usually medium.
    Bouquet: Fine and enjoyable smoke with leather, and fruity scents : kiwi and grapes
    Effect: Activity in mind, cerebral buzz, takes you quite high, not for beginners
    Developed by: Oldtimer (UK ), HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )

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    Strain: Durbakistan
    Strain Type: F1 Sativa – Indica. 50% Durban – 50% PCK
    Type: Feminized
    Flowering times: 75-80 days
    Yield: Up to high indoors and outdoors with mild climate
    Bouquet: Candy, sugary, sweety with earthy-carroty also
    Effect: Quick uplifting take off effect, potent sativa, gets more calmy within some time
    Developed by: African Herbman ( SA ) , aeritos ( SP )

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    Very limited Stock .

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  • Jul

    Tropical Survival Kit contest Winners

    by Charles Darweed
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    It’s 26th July, and we have our 3 winners. No more wait, they are here:

    Winners Tropical Survival Kit
    Thanks to everyone for participate. Congratulations for the winners. And, don’t worry, very soon you’ll have more chances to win best prizes Tropical Seeds Company.


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