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It’s inevitable to reach this point. When we reach the last packs of Limited Edition strains. When the last seeds are available and our work continues to progress. Simply some of our cannabis hybrids due to time and space will not be reproduced again in the near future. So don’t think about it much, check out the list below and get yours before they are out of stock.

Extreme Haze

Extreme haze sativa nl5haze othaze

One of the latest additions to our collection of extreme sativas and also one of the most valued by many growers. Extreme Haze is synonymous with large plants and powerful brain effects. Do not miss the opportunity to get one of the latest limited edition packs.

Purple Nurple

purple nurple pakistan pck chitral kush malawi dancehall cbd feminized seeds

Of the latest arrivals in feminized strains. Purple Nurple quickly became one of the most demanded of our last Limited Editions. Surely thanks to the great quality of mother Malawi x Dancehall. Last packages available for this wonder hybrid, do not miss this opportunity.

Red Monster

vip strains seeds tropical store enthusiasts club hybrid purple pck smooth
Red Monster by Cannaobsession

Red Monster is one of the final works with our purple Pakistan Chitral Kush by Aeritos. The result are plants with almost 100% purple color, very fast and a resin production that makes it a delight for hashish lovers. Enjoy the last packs of this exclusive strain only for VIP members in our Tropical Enthusiasts Club.


congo congolese kush point noire congo black pck pakistan chitral kush

The last offspring of our selected mother Congolese Kush. And although it’s in our priorities to recover our Congo line to offer it again, it’s very likely that it will not be worked with our Pakistan again. Undoubtedly new interactions hold it for the future, but for now we don’t know when it will be. So don’t miss these last available packs.

Red Beard

pck pakistan chitral kush smooth smoke nepal highland jaime el barbudo the bearded lemon larry og kush
Red Beard by Charles

Red Beard is a creation of the great master Garru. And a wonder hybrid that offers great results and plants with great vigor. Don’t miss the opportunity to get one of the latest limited edition packs of this exclusive strain only for VIP members in our Tropical Enthusiasts Club..


Old Afghan NLD and Athina North Greek Landrace two of our latest additions to our collection of pure strains. They are also close to reaching their stock limit. Take advantage of the latest packs, ask for them if necessary.


Enjoy at the best price hybrids that have been discontinued only while supplies last: Nepalma, AfghanChitral, Durg anChitral and Cheestral.

Extra Discount!

We give you an extra 10€ discount on your order, use the code THISISFORYOU when placing your order at our Tropical Seeds Co Shop. Also enjoy now our packages of 100 Cannabis seeds at the best price.

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