New Arrivals NL5Haze & Black Sour

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new arrivals nl5haze black sour

We present exclusively and limited way NL5Haze’90-91 and Black Sour hybrids that marked a before and after in the history of cannabis. The best of the 90s in Holland NorthernLights#5xHaze a creation by the legendary Nevil Schoenmakers and that we also offer as a tribute to everything he contributed for so many years and the creation of this sector in Europe. And on the other hand, from the USA one of the most used hybrids since its inception, we speak neither more nor less about Black Sour, hybrid between Pre98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel.


nl5haze new arrivals

NL#5Haze‘90s It’s a hybrid created during the eighties by Nevil Schoenmakers through a complex search to develop an unique Sativa/Indica hybrid using the legendary Haze and NL#5 that he received from America. It quickly became the most demanded strain, which led it to fame as well as winning the first High Times Cannabis Cup which ended up forming a milestone in history and making it known worldwide by all old school smokers. All this supposed a radical change in the breeding proyects and in the consumption of this plant in the Amsterdam of the eighty and ninety decades.

At the beginning of 2018 during a test with these NL#5Haze believing that we were going to find plants with short flowering times like most seedbanks that currently offer it. But, we found a Sativa dominance hybrid between 90 and 120 days. Very productive plants of robust bearing, forming large colas and some small lateral branches. Large buds finished with foxtails fully coated with resin. Soft discreet herbal and spices aroma, something that clearly contrasts with its incredible and remarkable powerful cerebral effect, psychedelic and from another planet, not suitable for novices and it is not recommended to mix with other substances. A plant for those looking for powerful effects without limits.

We present in a very limited way this hybrid that is currently under work. This old Sativa version from NorthernLights#5xHaze has already captivated our hearts and our brains with its intense effect.

Strain: NL5Haze’90-91
Strain Type: 50% Sativa – 50% Indica
Hybrid: NorthernLights#5 x Haze F4
Type: Regular seeds (male-female)
Flowering times: 12-16 weeks
Yield: High
Bouquet: Herbal and spicies
Effect: Intense cerebral high powerful longlasting effect without roof
Developed by: Nevil Schoenmakers (AUS), Charles (SP)

Black Sour

black sour new arrivals

Black Sour F4 is Pre98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel are hybrids from the United States and have marked a before and after in modern breeding separately and that still have much to contribute as has been seen in recent years, where many of the best current breeders are already working with them and we did not want to lose this great opportunity to work and offer these unique lines.

We received this incredible hybrid from one of the first collaborators of our medicinal project, Camacho, and current breeder of Therapy Seeds. The first tests evidenced the great potential that this hybrid had but also that it dragged some problems; some individuals showed pre flowers of both sexes, others did not have enough vigor and even in later tests we discovered that it had difficulty germinating without assistance. Even so, Charles who suffers from insomnia and hyperactivity discovered its usefulness for his pathologies due to its high THC content and its cerebral effect decided to continue with it for his own use.

We have been working this hybrid for some years, exposing the selected individuals to variations of environmental factors of temperature, predation, pH, humidity, photoperiod, availability of nutrients, etc. in order to find the best genes. After these first years we decided to take a first step in its commercialization, using two F2 males of different genotype and some females selected for showing the best potential of the hybrid in F2 and F3.

We are sure will not leave anyone indifferent, it is a hybrid of strong and branched structure that forms large super resinous buds of the highest quality. With super powerful brain effect, which has led us to name some individuals as a “Goosebumps” chemotype with very high concentrations of THC and Myrcene, which makes you super sensitive from the first puff and increases the libido, stimulating and enhancing sexual and energetic activities, a pleasure for all the senses.

Strain: Black Sour
Strain Type: 50% Indica – 50% Sativa
Hybrid: Pre98 BubbaKush x Sour Diesel F4
Type: Regular seeds, male-female
Flowering times: 70 days
Yield: Medium-High yielder indoors and outdoors
Bouquet: Very intense Diesel mix
Effect: A pleasure for all the senses
Developed by: Cali Co (USA), Camacho (SP) & Charles (SP)

New Limited Editions & Freebies

And finally, we have also taken the opportunity to make new hybrids and test them, the best ones will be offered as Limited Edition and Freebies through our Private Club. Ask for more information if you need it!

It’s time to get these beauties that have created the history of Cannabis as we know it. Do not miss this very limited opportunity!

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