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Greetings tropical family! It is already ending this year 2018 and taking stock there are many positive things to highlight, but also some that continue to improve. We continue to make progress in completing and rebuilding our catalog to offer more strains but also more possibilities for more tastes. During this year we have been able to add some new landraces and new hybrids, your welcome has been very good so it is a path that we want to continue strengthening during this coming year 2019, where we will see several new developments that we have been working for some time. But at the same time we will have to say goodbye to some strains that at the moment are not in our closest plans; Dandy Dance, Heaven’s Gate and Durbakistan, will be offered only while stock last.

At the same time, we continue to look for a balance of our economic accounts, and although we have reached a level that allows us to remain with the exception of a specific months, we have also noticed a great lack of cash when it comes to evolving the project and improving the current genetic work. There are still many growers who do not have access to our seeds and that is why these changes are aimed at enhancing accessibility to them. One of the first measures that will change for next year will be that all the small packages of seeds will fall in price, to be more affordable to these pockets more adjusted. And something that has also been in great demand is the possibility of acquiring the seeds in individual format, so from January all our feminized seeds will also be available in packages of 1 seed. Two necessary measures to be able to compete with our seeds in the current market and continue to offer a high level of quality.

Also, we firmly believe in the stores and distributors that support us and have supported us during these years, without them we would never have reached so many of you. So with the new price rate and with better discounts for them we would like to give them back all that support.

Some extra change will happen, we will reform our online store completely, increase the discount that Clubbers have in the whole store and return the packs combining different strains. And of course the best discounts and free seeds will continue to be available for all orders.

We do not want to miss this opportunity to thank you all your support and trust in us with a very special Christmas gift: During the month of December all the new strains will be at 25% discount and throughout the month of January all our classic strains too! 2019 arrives with great force and we just want to continue improving to offer you the best!

We wish you all a very green New Year 2019 !

Tropical Seeds Co team

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