New drop: Double Congo

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Before Tropical Seeds Company was Tropical Seeds Company, Maxi Hombre de Barro set the precedents for the preserving style of our project in the early 2000s. The first line we had when thought on starting this Project was Congo Pointe Noire, an excellent sativa we´ve enjoyed all these years since HdB discover it and started to work with her.

We were very lucky some years after, to find another african enthusiast, located in South Africa: African Herbman. AH is a great person in close contact with the best ganja and lines of the Continent, improving and mantaining them. He always explained us the potential Congo Black had, we decided it was the perfect mach that could improve our Pointe Noire.

It took us a time to find the right male to be used to create the Congolese F1. Our selection was a vigorous, productive and very odorous male. He passed all our stress tests and has a strong firm sex with no herma traits. Descendancy finally give us the chance to see it was a good choice.

Congo Black adds a bigger resin layer in flower time. A good stretch be should expected when changing to 12/12 but it is true some will mantain more compact in structure and forming flowers.

Congolese essence remains in the classic fresh floral, carroty and fine woods scents. Ready to be cut in around 12-13 weeks.

Strain: Double Congo
Strain Type: 100% Sativa
Seed Format:Regular (male-female)
Genetics: Congo Pointe Noire x Congo Black F2
Flowering time: 12-13 weeks
Yield: Medium-High
Aromas: fresh floral, incense, carroty and fine woods
Effect: Potent, clear and active sativa high
Developed by: HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP ), Phrenos ( SP )

We recommend curing the flowers some months and then be prepared to enjoy this classic sativa smoke : and african for the enthusiasts. Nice complete bouquet : fresh floral, incense, carroty and fine woods. Potent, clear and active sativa high you shouldn’t miss.

Enjoy again now this strain of our beginnings.

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