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Old Congo, one of our most powerful and potent cerebral strain is back again !

We are proud of going further in this work and have the possibility of offering this strain containing this cocktail of some of the best classic sativa lines of the world : Double Congo ( Pointe Noire ) and Colombian for its dominance, but also Mexico, Kerala and Thai in the mix give form to Old Congo.

In this new F2 step, options and expressions are opened and more easily visible. We are sure these will surprise the most demanding sativa lovers. It is perfect to continue exploring and finding unique special and very infrequent plants these days in which strains are so similar.

Join us in this adventure and Tropical bet, one of the most exciting, if not the most, from our catalogue.

Old Congo

Strain: Old Congo
Strain Type: 100% Sativa. Polyhibrid including Congo Pointe Noire, OT Haze
Type: Regular
Flowering times: Around 90 days
Yield: Usually medium.
Bouquet: Fine and enjoyable smoke with leather, and fruity scents : kiwi and grapes
Effect: Activity in mind, cerebral buzz, takes you quite high, not for beginners
Developed by: Oldtimer (UK ), HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )

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