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Thanks to the security of Blockchain technology and low operating costs we are experiencing a boom in crypto currency payments. In Tropical Seeds Co we accept to pay with crypto currency since 2018. And once again we bet on this technology.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology explained to fools is a chain of records that makes each new block share the same characteristics of previous records. So once the operation is accepted in a decentralized manner by the members of the network, it is completely impossible to modify. Thanks to the same decentralization of the network it is not necessary to resort to a trusted entity that ensure the information.

Secure and Discreet payments

The Blockchain is a record of transactions between Blockchain addresses. By using the Blockchain you can do it anonymously or by identifying yourself since anyone can inspect it. Once the transaction is accepted on the Blockchain, its modification is impossible. The records are permanent, sorted chronologically and available to all members.

Low Cost transactions

Blockchain technology offers great savings in transaction costs and time because it is a decentralized technology without using intermediaries. The transactions are safe, encrypted and transparent ensures cost and time savings.


The unstable nature of crypto currencies makes many people still think of accessing this technology for their online purchases. For this reason Stablecoin was created, which is a type of cryptocurrency that always has a stable price. An example of this are the well-known Dai and USD coin with which you can now pay for your cannabis seeds in our store Tropical Seeds Co.

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Paying Cannabis Seeds with Crypto currency

Since 2018 Tropical Seeds Co offer you to pay your cannabis seeds with crypto currencies. And now we increase the digital currencies that we accept, from now on you can pay with: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dai and USD Coin. Select to pay with Crypto currency when placing your order. Once confirmed, we will apply the discount and send you an email with a link where you can make your payment. If you wish to pay with another crypto currency available please let us know by contacting us. In this case we will send you an address of the Coinbase wallet of that currency. We can accept: Bitcoin SV, XRP, Chainlink, Stellar Lumens, Ethereum Classic, Basic Token Attention, Zcash and Ox.

Discount increased to 20% (this offer has expired)

And from now on, we increase the discount we offer when paying with this method. Take advantage of 20% discount that will be applied once your order is confirmed. Without losing any of the advantages you already have: secure payment, discreet shipping worldwide and free seeds on all orders.

Thank you very much for reading here and this is a great opportunity to thank you for all your support! If you have any doubt don’t hesitate to contact us to If you still don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet we recommend the secure and free Coinbase follow the link below with our recommendation.

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