Strain: Durbakistan
    Strain Type: F1 Sativa – Indica. 50% Durban – 50% PCK
    Flowering times: 75-80 days
    Yield: Up to high indoors and outdoors with mild climate
    Bouquet: Candy, sugary, sweety with earthy-carroty also
    Effect: Quick uplifting take off effect, potent sativa, gets more calmy within some time
    Developed by: African Herbman ( SA ) , aeritos ( SP )

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    Durbakistan is a full vigoured strain. Structure is of classic long sativa, with medium internodal distance. Petioles and leafs are strech and thin, specially in flower time.

    Big colas are formed, being a bit airy and full of flowers with long stigmas. Plants giving light purple tones in calixes are frequently found. Final result gives us the best of both parentals : Sweet and even strawberry scents, with floral-earthy and hash background.

    Unique combination, very enjoyable smoke. Effect is rapidly noticed, hits quickly with a sativa cerebral uplifting high. Perfect for doing things, move, think and not stopping…always in excellend mood!

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