Strain: Old Congo
    Strain Type: 100% Sativa. Polyhibrid including Congo Pointe Noire, OT Haze
    Type: Regular
    Flowering times: Around 90 days
    Yield: Usually medium.
    Bouquet: Fine and enjoyable smoke with leather, and fruity scents : kiwi and grapes
    Effect: Activity in mind, cerebral buzz, takes you quite high, not for beginners
    Developed by: Oldtimer (UK ), HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )

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    Our very most loved Congo Pointe Noire meets 4 more classic sativas in the OT Haze mix, making this hybrid a great choice for the sativa enthusiasts and lovers.

    Performs great in mild outdoors, where we get to see his entire potential in giant plants forming dozens of branches with buds popping everywhere.

    It can be perfectly grown in a direct 12/12 schedule indoors starting both from seeds and clones. Airy structure, quite branchy, great for scrogs. It produces a huge quantity of large hairy buds around the entire plant.

    Flowers are of the best quality you can find : fine woods, leather base together with more fruity scents like kiwi or grape. Complex bouquet, quite enjoyable smoke in mouth that will make you want to exhale it slooowly.

    Effect is also great, making it an incredible plant in all aspects. Starts activity in mind and body, progresively, getting you higher and higher. Mind is fast and full of thoughts, work gets done quicker than usual !

    Except last hours of the day, you’ll be enjoying your Old Congo smokes all day long.

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