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From Tropical Seeds Co you know that we are fully involved in the expansion of our catalog. And that is why, this Road Map 2020 Tropical Seeds Co is loaded with surprises. Are you looking for new Landraces for your project or the best old-school classic hybrids? Keep reading because also as a novelty this year we will present our first modern and current genetics project. Do not miss it!


As you know, pure strains are the fundamental basis of the Tropical Seeds Co project from our origins. And from the beginning of the year the members of the VIP Club can enjoy the new batch of regular cannabis seeds from Nepal Highland and Colombian Gold 1972. In addition we are already working to offer our beautiful purple line of Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006. That despite being the Baseline of much of our project, however we had never offered it for sale in pure form. This has been something very demanded by you and we firmly believe in this bet.

Pakistan Chitral kush 2006 pck purple paki landraces cannabis seeds
Pakistan Chitral kush 2006

Old School hybrids

In recent years we have been studying and preserving several old-school hybrids. Today for us to return to the origins is key to the future of our project. Studying the work of the great legends of cannabis is an honor for us. That is why it is a pleasure for us to offer you this year Northern Lights # 5xHaze F5 and Super Skunk 1996 The Gem x Old Afghan NLD F2. Two fundamental pieces of the history of Cannabis and that you will surely find individuals of great genetic quality for your projects.

northern lights #5 5 haze 1990 old school hybrids cannabis seeds NL5H NL5Haze NL#5Haze
Northern Lights #5 x Haze

New School strains

Along with the boom of legalization in many countries, the birth of the new school in cannabis breeding has also occurred. In this way new names have appeared on the scene and others that were hidden have come to light. Luckily, the cannabis domestication leads to the emergence of new characteristics that are highly valued by growers. But unfortunately also the loss of other traits that have been very important during the evolution of this plant in nature. To start we received some Sherbet Gelato seeds from the USA and from Tropical Seeds Co we did not want to miss this opportunity. As new in this Road Map 2020 Tropical Seeds Co for the lovers of strong effects and aromas are in luck and we hope to give you some new strain sooner.

loveshake sherbet gelato pre98 bubba kush sour diesel sunset sherbet thin mint cookies new school strains regular marijuana seeds

Usually all this work will occupy the first six months of the year. Together with the Spannabis Fair Barcelona 2020 and the GrowBarato Cup 2020 will be the events in which we will be present. We will take advantage of these events to show the result of the new strains.

Will we be ready for a new catalog?

From the above one can conclude that, we are almost ready for the realization of our new official catalog. The next six months of the year will be destined to refine and know deeply what the new official strains might be. We are also looking forward to retaking projects such as Old Afghan NLD or Double Congo among others. It will certainly be a year full of new challenges for everyone.

Thank you very much for reading here and this is a great opportunity. If you have not read our Rewind 2019 with the collection of the best strains we have tried. After all, we hope you liked this Road Map 2020 Tropical Seeds Co and you can leave us your opinion and comments bellow.

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