Smooth Smoke, our favourite Purple Indica

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Who doesn’t like quick, compact and incredibly covered in resin plants ? Isn’t it delightful to relax after work with a fatty of a delicious indica ? What about their medicinal value, don´t you have some jars filled with indicas labelled as · medicine ·?

These are some of the ideas we had in mind when preparing ourselves to work in our first indica line. During our first years we worked basically long sativas, so it was time to also give a chance to their shorter and faster sisters.

The base line was clear, it had to be Pakistan Chitral Kush, genetic coming from the master hands of the CBG crew. What defines this line ? Ok, here you have it in a summarized way :
Pakistan Chitral Kush
* 100 % pure Pakistani genetic.
* Slow growing speed but forming extremely compact shape, size and bud formation.
* Great mold resistant
* Flowers and leafs taking intense purple coloration in flower time
* Aromas varying between fruity, grape, red fruits….and some more mossy, humid forest, sour- earthy and hash.
* Fast finishing, around 55-60 days.

After an intense selection we found the perfect Pakistan mother that will make us continue the project. It was a short, compact, fast and intense purple lady. It proofed to be mold resistant and with no hermi tendencies in very different situations and under various types of stress. The perfect candidate.

But still we had to add something to this PCK : we wanted a quicker growth, a more vigorous and productive strain…and also insisting in the more fruity scented plants, a truly nice flavoured strain to enjoy every puff taken.

Which strain would help us here ? We had it clear, very clear. Nepalese Highland was going to help us solving the little lacks or things we wanted to improve from PCK.
Nepalese Highland
Nepalese Highland is a strain that has passed by great guys in the canna scene such as Reeferman and CBG. We also did our work with her  during three inbreeding steps and then found and incredibly vigorous, strong structured and heavily charged in flowers male.

Then we tried the PCK / Nepalese F1 and knew we were in the right way :

* The hybrid grew quicker in veg time, still very compact, plants were easier to clone.
* Purple  plants continued to be majority.
* Scents in flower time were improved also adding the soft-creamy coming from Nepalese influence, making some fruity and vanilla cream to appear and make everyone to water their mouth just by smelling the plants or buds.
* Yield and potency were crearly improved.
* Some took a bit longer in flower time : Up to 65 days.

As said, we felt Nepalese had made the hybrid to shine in a more positive way, adding just what PCK needed to be a more vigorous and rewarding strains. But we also needed to do a more indica and fast leaning strain. We decided to backcross with PCK the best female coming from our F1 selection and Smooth Smoke then was created.

Smooth Smoke

What to expect from Smooth Smoke ?

* + 85 % coloured plants : varying from light pink to intense and dark purple ( sometimes almost black when dried ) , both indoors and outdoors ( no cold temperatures are needed, they will always appear )
* A maximum quality, fast compact and quick indica ( 55-60 days ), at a very interesting price, starting at 18€ for 3 feminized seeds.

*  Two major phenotypes :

A – Compact but splitting more branches. Soft pink and purple colours in buds. Scents have an incredible creamy and vanilla base together with fruity and sweets. Our favourite.
B – Incredible intense purple buds covered in resin. Extremely compact and strong structured plants. Aromas from liquorice, sour-earthy, light fruity and hash background.
* The effect in A is a bit more clear, Nepalese influence is more noticeable, we enter in an indica relaxing & happy scene. In the B case we find the most medicinal and intense indica pain relief – relaxing effect, perfect medicine to be tried.

We´re quite happy with the results coming from Smooth Smoke, it was our first feminized strain and we´re happy every step was successful. The strain name had to make clear we LOVE the smoke coming from this lady. It is very enjoyable, a big pleasure to arrive home and know we still have some flowers from SS in the jars, vanilla, candy and kush in the mix, you´ll also love it !

This is why we recommend this strain in so many different cases. It has been tried so widely all around the globe with excellent results during these last years we´re sure to say you´ll get excellent results when trying her.

Where does Smooth Smoke will result successful :

* In every indoor, no matter you grow with small bulbs, space… or you´re a beginner. SS will finally surprise you.
* In SOG –  one bud plants grows. Select your favourite girl from the pack and then get the maximum yield in a SOG grow, you’ll love this and have medicine for months.
* Outdoors in northern cold and humid climates : SS will grow nicely and will resist most pest and diseases, specially strong with mold and low temperatures. She will finish quick so it can be grown in quite high latitudes with incredible results.
* Of course you can always grow her in mild, hot or tropical climates, you´ll have rewarding and coloured plants even with no cold temperatures, something new you maybe haven’t had the chance to see and try yet !

Remember, Smooth Smoke, our favourite purple indica and also yours very soon.

3 seeds starting at 18 €,  10 feminized best quality seeds at only 50 €. Don´t miss it !

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smoothsmoke de soleil dscn1073n copia_DSC7165 copia copiaSmooth Smoke

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