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  • Aug

    New Arrivals – Bisho P. and New Limited Editions!

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    Bisho P. F1 has gradually become one of the flagship of the house and one of the strains most cultivated by tropical growers that is why we have been tuning this incredible hybrid for several years and finally… We are honored to announce the restocking of our Bisho P. being one of our best selling hybrid in our history. So far we have always used several different Ciskei mothers for it, but after several years …

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  • Dec

    HAZEY HIGH Limited Ed. – 3Queens

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    Strain: Hazey High
    Strain Type: 100% Sativa
    Type: Regular
    Hybrid: Ciskei Highland x OT Haze
    Flowering times: 10-13 Weeks
    Yield: Medium
    Bouquet: Fresh and floral, spicy
    Effect: Cerebral, starts mind activity and creativity
    Developed by: Oldtimer (UK ), HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )

    Description: Limited edition specially though for best quality and potent tropical sativa lovers.
    We used our best Ciskei P3 female, potent, with an acid green apple scent on it…with …

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  • Dec

    The 3 Queens – Limited Edition

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    We know you’ve been waiting this for long, but it’s almost here. Know more about The 3 Queens in Limited Edition.

    SMOOTH SMOKE v2 – Regular

    Strain: Smooth Smoke
    Strain Type: Indica/ Sativa
    Type: Regular
    Hybrid: 50% PCK – 50% Nepal Higland
    Flowering times: 55-65 days
    Yield: Up To High, compact flowers.
    Bouquet: Sweet, candy, creamy, hash background
    Effect: Great medical value, indica leaning
    Developed by: HdB ( IT ), aeritos ( SP )


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