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  • Mar

    Pay with Crypto currency

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    Thanks to the security of Blockchain technology and low operating costs we are experiencing a boom in crypto currency payments. In Tropical Seeds Co we accept to pay with crypto currency since 2018. And once again we bet on this technology.

    Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology explained to fools is a chain of records that makes each new block share the same characteristics of previous records. So once the operation is accepted in a decentralized manner …

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  • Aug

    15% Off paying with Crypto currencies

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    Those who use cryptocurrencies are in luck. Tropical Seeds Company had already opted since last year for this new payment method and that will surely become the key to online shopping. That is why we want to take another step, giving 15% off to all who use this method in our store, for the moment without a deadline.

    Thank you very much for continuing to bet on us!…

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