The return of Nepal

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We remind you that next year we’ll celebrate 10 years of operation, not counting the previous years of work. And nothing better to remember all these years than one of the genetics that we first worked and one of the most famous of all time. You can also find it in hybrids such as Smooth Smoke or Cognition, along with our Pakistan and Congo PN.

Its a plant of medium size,not specially long internodes,very easy for growing. Its got medium and strong branches,also finding some much more conical production plants with not very developed branches. It has got an acceptable size for any kind of space, both in outdoor and indoors. It flowers between 60-70 days (indoor) Mid-end October (outdoor) giving some very good quality flowers,in the majority of times they´re dense and strong buds,but also there are some more sativas tower-buds a bit more airy. The production is medium but of high quality and full of resin and hard buds. The odour is very nice floral and some more citrusy and sweet scents.They tend to show a notorious odour level will flowering. Very nice and easy to grow sativa with a very acceptable yield with also a strong high been first uplifting but having also corporal and phisical effect being full body affected. We have also to remark we found some impressive males in this strains,very strong in structure and also very odorous and productive.

Undoubtedly we talk about the incredible Nepal Highland !















Strain: Nepal Highland
Strain Type: Highland Nepalesse 4th generation
Type: Regular
Flowering times: 60-70 days
Yield: High yielder indoor and outdoors
Bouquet: From floral, citrus and sweet scents
Effect: Strong high, uplitfing and corporal, full body effect
Breeder: Locals, Reeferman, Maxi (IT) & Aeritos (SP)

A great job by Aeritos that it will be able to enjoy at our store soon, probably before 2018 arrives.
You can enjoy the whole process with photographs and much more through our private forum:

The Tropical Seeds Company team

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