The way you want ! Savannah Mix & Jungle Mix

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Because we know you´re curious and you like more than only one of the strains from the Tropical Seeds catalog.

Beause we know you like to choose and have huge possibilities and ways to try different things at the same time.

Because you first like to try a little piece of the cake before eating it entirely and you prefer to try a bit before making a bit selection of a strain.

Because you don´t have to pay much to have different flavours, colours and effects.

Because we want you to  love, as much as we do, our Project :

Tropical Seeds Company

This is why these new Tropical MIX’ are for you, because you´re gonna love them, you´re going to make bigger your Tropical experience and you´re going to spend less than you thought.

Tropical Seeds Co Packs


Want to know how to make this possible ? Simply follow this easy and quick steps :

* You can try our Savannah MIX ( regular seeds ) or Jungle MIX ( feminized seeds ).
* Choose how many different Tropical Seeds strains you want. Starting at 3, you can select up to 4 and 5 strains.
* In Jungle Mix (feminized) there will be included 1 seed per strain, so you will get 3, 4 or 5 seeds of 3, 4 or 5 different strains.
* In Savanna Mix ( regular ) you´ll get 3 seeds per strain so you´ll have 9, 12 or 15 seeds from 3, 4 or 5 different strains seed packs.
* Once you´ve chosen this, you will only have to write in the next step of the order, the strains you´ve selected. You will have  to do this in the “ comment box “ in your shopping cart, once you´ve reached the address section. As easy as this.
* Check the incredible prices : 3 feminized seeds starting at ONLY 14 € ! 9 regular seeds at only 35 € !


Tropical Seeds Co Packs

You simply can´t miss this opportunity ! The only doubt you should have  now is…..which strains you´ll be choosing. Don´t worry, you can check in depth our strains and choose your favourites and the best from Tropical Seeds will be arriving soon to you.

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